Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Funding

Faculty fellows and graduate students of the Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship project have received $2 million in external funding and fellowship awards since the start of their project’s term.


Cho, Jae Beum. “Social Capital, the Missing Link: Three Essays on the Importance of Social Processes in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems,” Dissertation Fellowship, Kauffman Foundation, 2016.


“Re-articulating The Voice – Vocal Correction Technology in Design and Practice,” Dissertation Improvement Grant, Owen Marshall, National Science Foundation, 2015, $14,944


Ferguson, Melissa. “How National Cues Increase Prejudice among Intra-national Racial Groups: Testing Behavioral Implications, Boundaries, and Mechanisms,” National Science Foundation, 2013-2015, $272,828

Ferguson, Melissa. “The Casual Role of Implicit Evaluation in Self-Regulation,” National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Aging, 2013-2015, $160,000

Leiponen, Aija. “Impact of ICT on European Businesses,” European Institute of Innovation and Technology, Information and Communication Technology Labs, 2013, £71,169/$109,832

Leiponen, Aija. “Catalysing Economic Growth – Releasing the Value of Big Data,” Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (UK), 2013-2015, £915,681/$1,412,895

Roach, Michael., Sauermann, Henry. “The Initial Career Transitions of Science and Engineering PhDs.” National Science Foundation, 2013-2015, $285,238

(Updated: January 2018)