Immigration-Related Press Coverage

The ISS’ Deportation Relief Project is part of an active community of Cornell scholars researching immigration issues and commenting in the press.

Garcia briefs D.C. policymakers on history of refugee policy (October 2018)

How attitudes on race, immigration, gender will affect the 2018 midterm elections (August 2018)

Untangling How Deportation Relief Affects Immigrants (April 2018)

Law Scholars Dissect Trump’s Immigration Actions (September 2017)

Shannon Gleeson discusses President’s Trump Immigration Policies on the Capitol Press Room (August 2017)

“You Live Under Fear” – 50,000 Haitian People At Risk Of Deportation (April 2017)

Faculty, Staff Discuss Immigration Policies at Forum (February 2017)

Will Mexico Pay for the Wall? (February 2017)

New Website Features Immigration Syllabus (February 2017)

Immigration Plan Pushback Must Include Undocumented Workers (January 2017)

University Ensures Continued Funding for DACA Students (December 2016)

Why More Mass Deportations Would be Bad News for the Housing Market (December 2016)

When Wage Earners are Deported, Latinos Lose Their Homes (December 2016)

With Whom We Will Stand, Shannon Gleeson (ILR, December 2016)

Shannon Gleeson’s Getting Ready to Tackle Immigration in the Trump Administration (The Hill, November 2016)

Bruce Levitt Sees Prison Theater as a Means of Redemption (Cornell Chronicle, November 2016)

Blau Leads Research on Immigration’s U.S. Economic Impact (Cornell Chronicle, October 2016)

Asylum Cases are Extremely Complex, says Cornell law professor Steven Yale-Loehr (NBC, October 2016)

Jordan Matsudaira in Policy Analysis and Management  Discusses the Benefits of Developing an Educated Workforce (WalletHub, Summer 2016)

Immigration: Looking beyond United States v. Texas (The Hill, July 2016)

Faculty Discuss Migration, Immigration, and Refugees (May 2016)

Going Beyond the Minimum (May 2016)

María Cristina García Wins 2016 Andrew Carnegie Fellowship (April 2016)

Mobilizing Against Inequality: Website Provides Platform for Conversation About Immigrant Workers (April 2016)

The Deportation Debate on the Campaign Trail (Feb. 2016)

Shannon Gleeson, Co-Leader of the ISS’ Deportation Relief Project, Addresses Supreme Court’s Decision to Hear Cases on Legality of Immigration Programs (Jan. 2016)

Federal Court Blocks U.S. From Detaining Some Asylum Seekers (Feb. 2015)

What the Immigration Ruling Means (Feb. 2015)

Obama: ‘Law is on Our Side’ Despite Immigration Ruling (Feb. 2015)

Immigration Actions on Ice After Judge’s Ruling (Feb. 2015)

Bid to Halt Obama’s Immigration Plan Likely to Fail, Legal Experts Say (Feb. 2015)

Order Blocking Deportation Starts Legal Maneuvers (Feb. 2015)

Undocumented Students with DACA Status to be Eligible for More Financial Aid (Feb. 2015)

Mass Deportations Are Alienating Young Latino Voters from the Democratic Party. (May 2014)

Mass Deportations and Latino Voters (May 2014)

Focusing on the Undocumented Hurts Immigration Debate (Jan 2014)

Something About STEM Drives Women Out (Nov 2013)

Latino Americans (Sept. 2013)

Historian Maria Cristina Garcia Named Wilson Center Fellow (July 2013)

ISS’ Faculty Fellow Says 2013 Immigration Reform is Unlikely (May 2013)

Panel to Examine Immigration Reform April 19 (April 2013)

Social Sciences Project Charts Immigration Shifts (April 2013)

Skorton: Reform Immigration to Keep Best Minds in U.S. (March 2013)

ISS’ Immigration Faculty Fellows Lead Engaged Learning Courses Incorporating Service Work (November 2012)

From Nepali Asylum Seekers to Thai Construction Workers, Immigration Research Wins Support (November 2012)

Expert: Latino Voters Believe Obama Policies Are Working (October 2012)

ISS’ Immigration Faculty, Steven Yale-Loehr, Organized Law Workshop for Undocumented Young Adults (October 2012)

Study: Children’s Health, Access to Care Differ by Parents’ Immigrant Status (September 2012)

Green Card Stories, Co-Authored by ISS’ Immigration Faculty Fellow, Steve Yale-Loehr, Wins 5 Awards (June 2012)

Study: Race Plays A Role in the Pace of Some Romances (Nov. 2011)

Panelists from ISS’ Immigration Team Event: DREAM Act is The Civil Rights Fight of Our Time (October 2011)

ISS’ Immigration Faculty Fellow Kate Griffith Focuses on ‘Immployment’ Issues (September 2011)

Social Scientists Tackle Immigration from Many Angles as Part of The ISS’ Theme Project (September 2011)

Immigration Project Fellow Chats About Refugees, Asylum Seekers (September 2011)

ISS’ Immigration Project Fellow Wins Article of The Year Award August 2011)

CU President Testifies on Immigration (July 2011)

ISS’ Immigration Team Associate, Stephen Yale-Loehr, Joins Committee on Immigration (July 2011)

Arizona SB 1070 has Profoundly Affected Natives (November 2010)

ISS’ Immigration Team Member Kate Griffith Named First Proskauer Rose Professor (November 2010)

ISS’ Immigration Team Member Teaching Course Which Examines Mexico, Past and Present (October 2010)