Deportation Relief Funding

Faculty fellows of the Deportation Relief project have received over $109,000 in funding and fellowship awards since the start of their project’s term.


S. Gleeson, K. Griffith. “Temporary Immigration Status, Race and Workplace Precarity.” Russell Sage Foundation, $30,242. 2018.


J. Matsudaira. “The Effects of Employment Incentives and Case Transfer on Parent and Child Outcomes: Evidence from the Long Run Effects of Welfare Reform Experiments.” Cornell University, Center for the Study of Inequality, $60,777, and Cornell University, Cornell Population Center, $15,000. 2017.

M. Hall. “Left Behind: Deportation, Child Welfare and Foster Care Placement,” Principal Investigator (with Frank Edwards). Cornell University, Cornell Project 2Gen Pilot Studies Program, $15,000. 2017.

S. Gleeson. “Transnational Approaches to Immigrant Labor Rights Advocacy.” Cornell University, Einaudi Center, $9,980. 2017.


S. Gleeson. “Enforcing Rights Across Borders: The Case of Mexican Migrants.” Law and Society Association and National Science Foundation, International Research Collaborative for International Meeting on Law and Society in Mexico City, $4,420. 2016.

S. Gleeson. “Enforcing Rights across Borders: The Case of Mexican Migrants.” Cornell University, ILR School, Pierce Memorial Fund, $19,850. 2016.

S. Gleeson, K. Griffith, M. Hall. “Immigration Status, Occupational Risk, and Health and Safety Standards Enforcement.” Cornell University, Cornell Population Center, Grant Development Award, $15,000. 2016.