Artists and Social Scientists: Doing Things Together

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The focus of this workshop, sponsored by the Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Theme Project,  is to generate and exchange ideas about the practical ways in which practitioners are creative in the arts and the social sciences, and especially how there can be more interaction between the two and would this could look like, what this would lead to, and the ways in which this exchange is already taking place. Art should be taken in a broad sense: classical as well as non-classical forms of art, crafts and more. For social scientists to learn from artists – and perhaps also vice versa – we need more and better knowledge about the actual practices of the arts, especially how artists go about their work before there is a piece of art; just as we need more knowledge of how social scientists go about their work before there is a completed study, and how they can become more creative in their work by learning from and incorporating artistic practices.

Creativity Poster FINAL