China’s Cities Affiliates

Cornell faculty, staff, students and local community members are invited to become affiliate members of the ISS’ collaborative project on China’s cities. Affiliates receive announcements related to the project. To join the list serve, email and provide your title (faculty, graduate student, undergraduate student, community member etc.) and department name.

Nick Admussen Asian Studies
Panle Barwick Economics
Thomas Campanella City and Regional Planning
Lourdes S. Casanova Johnson Graduate School of Management
Eli Friedman International and Comparative Labor
Nagesh Gavirneni Johnson Graduate School of Management
Ying Hua Design and Environmental Analysis
Hyunseob Kim Johnson Graduate School of Management
Shanjun Li Applied Economics & Management
Peng Liu Hotel Administration
Robin McNeal Asian Studies
Zhuan Pei Policy Analysis and Management
Jeremy Wallace Government
Jessica Weiss Government
John Aloysius Zinda Development Sociology
Luo Zuo Johnson Graduate School of Management
Postdoctoral Associates
Ling Tao Organizational Behavior
Graduate Students
Martin Abbott City and Regional Planning
Jiwon Baik Government
Kevin Foley Government
Rhiannon Jerch Applied Economics and Management
Lu Liao City and Regional Planning
Deyu Rao Applied Economics and Management
Yiding Ma Applied Economics and Management
Christine Wen City and Regional Planning
Qi Wu Economics
Yuanshuo Xu City and Regional Planning
Nahim Bin Zahur Economics
 Yang Zhang  Economics
Christopher Chang Economics & Science of Earth Systems