Small Grants

  • Fall 2005 Awards

    Democracy Promotion and Electoral Revolutions in Postcommunist Eurasia  Valerie Bunce, Department of Government (When) Should Knowledge Be Controlled? Knowledge Spillovers and Firms’ Innovation Behavior Aija Leiponen, Department of Applied Economics and […]

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  • ISS Small Grant Recipient Receives $680,000 NSF Award

    Jeffrey Hancock, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication, and Faculty of Jeffrey Hancock, recently received a $680,000.00 grant from the National Science Foundation titled “The Dynamics of Digital Deception in Computer Mediated Environments.” […]

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  • Spring 2005 Awards

    Consumer Response to the Withdrawal of Prescription Drugs John Cawley, Department of Policy Analysis and Management Building a Sociology of Displacement Shelley Feldman, Department of Development Sociology Charles Geisler, Department […]

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  • Politics and the Media in Africa

    Overview of project: Most of Africa is experiencing a dramatic growth of communication resources due to new technologies and the lifting of political and economic constraints. Professor Moehler’s research analyzes […]

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  • Spring 2013 Awards

    Spring 2013 Awards

    Cohort Highlight: ISS Funds Faculty Research in Seven Colleges Choosing Neighborhoods, Choosing Schools: A Pilot Study of the Association Between Neighborhood and School Composition Kendra Bischoff, Sociology Laura Tach, Policy […]

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