Algorithms Courses

Faculty fellows of the ISS’ Algorithms project teach a broad range of courses containing content related to the project.

Courses Taught by ISS Faculty Fellows (2018-2021)

Computing Cultures (ANTHR 3061/COMM 3560/INFO 3561/STS 3561): Malte Ziewitz – Spring 2019

Ethics and Technology (ILROB 2245): Ifeoma Ajunwa – Spring 2019

New Media and Society (COMM 3200/INFO 3200): Brooke Duffy – Spring 2019

Stars, Scores and Rankings: Evaluation and Society (INFO 4561/STS 4561): Malte Ziewitz – Spring 2019

Technology, Management and the Law (ILROB 6230): Ifeoma Ajunwa – Spring 2019

Theory of Statistics (BTRY 4090/STSCI 4090): Martin Wells – Spring 2019

Tutorial in Actuarial Statistics (STSCI 4980): Martin Wells – Spring 2019

Writing Seminar in OB: Controversies in the Management of the Modern Workplace (ILROB 2245): Ifeoma Ajunwa – Fall 2018