Land Graduate Student Grant Awardees

The Institute for the Social Sciences awarded grants to Cornell graduate students undertaking field research related to the Contested Landscapes Theme Project each year of their term. Selected through a competitive process, the award winning projects and their creators are listed below.


  • Joe Giacomelli (History), Mysterious Agencies: Debating Climate Change in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era
  • James Macmillen (City and Regional Planning), Planning Detroit: The Practice and Politics of Urban Futurity
  • Nicholas Myers (History), What Borders and Fences Cross: Historical Geographies in the North American West
  • Rachel Odhner (Anthropology), Breaking Ground on the Nicaraguan Canal: Land, Water, Displacement, Development?
  • Karla Peña (Development Sociology), State Society Relations in a (post) Neoliberal Ecuador
  • Alex-Thai Vo (History), Land Reform: Social Transformation in North Vietnam during the Vietnam War

The grant amount for 2015 was $2,000 per scholar. For additional details, see the  2015 Fellowships RFP.


  • Ritwick Ghosh (Natural Resources), Situating Science: Role of Intermediaries in Market Based Environmental Governance
  • Darragh Hare (Natural Resources), Whose biodiversity? Ownership and Public Trust Thinking
  • Kyle Harvey (History), Sailing the Pampas, Scaling the Andes: Postillions, Muleteers, and the Andean Pass, 1852-1932
  • Margot Lystra (Architecture and Urbanism), Systematic Landscapes: the Natures of Urban American Freeways, 1940s-1960s
  • Matthew Minarchek (History), Co-Producing Space: Territorialization Processes in the Highlands of Aceh (Sumatra), Indonesia during the Mid-Late Colonial Period
  • Joshua Savala (History), Class and Nation Across a Shifting Border: The Chilean and Peruvian Maritime World, 1850s-1920s

The grant amount for 2014 was $2,500 per scholar. For additional details, see the  Summer 2014 Fellowships RFP.


  • Laura J. Martin (Natural Resources), Governing Ecosystems: Ecologists and Natural Resources Management in the United States, 1945-present
  • Mark Deets (African History), Honor in the Sacred Forest: Space, Place, and Nationalism in Senegal, 1885-2007
  • Susana Romero Sánchez (History), Dealing with the Masses: Housing, Credit, and Urban Development during an Age of Reform in Colombia, 1935-1957
  • Charis Boke (Anthropology), Resilience/Resistance: Ecologies of Care and Logics of Security in Environmental Activist Praxis
  • David Rojas (Anthropology), Atmospheric Landscapes and Landscapes of Resistance at the United Nations
  • Youjin Chung (Development Sociology), Gender Implications of Large-scale land Acquisitions for Sugarcane and ethanol Prouduction in Bagamoyo District, Tanzania

The grant amount for 2014 was $2,500 per scholar. For more detail, see article on the 2013 cohort.