2015/2016 Cohort

Levon Barseghyan, Economics (Fall 2015)
Decision Marking Under Uncertainty (Part 1) and Public Finance and Political Economy (Part 2)
456 Uris Hall, 255-6284, lb247@cornell.edu

Ernesto Bassi, History (Spring 2016)
Creating Spaces, Envisioning Futures; Region-Making and Geopolitical Imagination in the Transimperial Greater Caribbean During the Age of Revolutions
323 McGraw Hall, 255-3616, eb577@cornell.edu

Natalie Bazarova, Communication (Spring 2016)
Online Disclosure and Its Effects on Well-being
318 Kennedy Hall, 255-7821, nnb8@cornell.edu

Eli Friedman, ILR (Spring 2016)
Urbanization, Education, and Citizenship in China
372 Ives Hall, (510) 417-9018, edf48@cornell.edu

Kurt Jordan, Anthropology
Opportunities and Adversities at the White Springs Site: Archaeological Investigation of Seneca Iroquois Daily Life, circa 1688-1715
210 McGraw Hall, 255-3109, kj21@cornell.edu

Adam Levine, Government (Fall 2015)
Political Rhetoric and “Third Rails” of American Politics214 White Hall, (734) 717-1429, asl22@cornell.edu

Michael Manville, AAP (Fall 2015)
American Travel Behavior and the Macroeconomy: A Longer View
311 W. Sibley Hall, 255-2957, mkm253@cornell.edu

Jane Mendle, Human Development (Spring 2016)
Secular Trends in Puberty and Mental Health
G64 Martha Van Rensselaer Hall, 255-0844, jem482@cornell.edu

Victoria Prowse, Economics (Spring 2016)
Income Redistribution Through Defined Benefit Pension Systems When Life Expectancy is Heterogeneous
264 Ives Hall, 255-4723, prowse@cornell.edu

R. Nathan Spreng, Human Development (Fall 2015)
Neurocognitive Aging and Wisdom
G62C Martha Van Rensselaer Hall, 255-4396, rns74@cornell.edu

Laura Tach, Policy Analysis and Management (Spring 2016)
Adolescent Well-being in an Era of Family Complexity
253 Martha Van Rensselaer Hall, 254-5282, lauratach@cornell.edu

Erin York, Sociology
Neighborhoods in NYC
380 Uris Hall, 255-3261, eyc46@cornell.edu

Connie Yuan, Communication
Knowledge Management in Organizations
308 Kennedy Hall, 255-2603, yy239@cornell.edu